In the Pacific Northwest, we have 7-11's, we have ARCO stations, Circle K's, and Flying J's as our go to convenience store gas stations. However, in Florida you will see a familiar face with 7-11 but the state goes super big with Speedway, WaWa and RaceTrac.  I have seen a Speedway house 16 fuel bays and I have seen a WaWa have a Tesla Charging yard that allows for roughly ten Tesla's to charge at the same time at any given time of day. As I love convenience of quick fueling and shopping, I too am a sucker for a store that not only sells what I routinely need quickly ( m&m's, peperoni stick and a coke).  I am also impressed by a convenient store that allows for you to pre-order a drink and/or a meal for pick up or from a in store computer station. As I know the biggest question stands "But do they have good coffee?" I get it, the NW is hard to beat for a good cup of coffee, however for a gas station, WaWa is my #1 (even over Dunkin). WaWa, in my humble opinion, is a coffee lover's dream of sorts and a sandwich connoisseurs' fantasy. Let me know what you think of WaWa if you travel down to Florida. We have made it a tradition to snap a "WaWa for Life" photo each time we visit. Join in on the fun :)